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baby5 stars - ParentsInTouch 

Baby’s First Year

as featured in Practical Parenting magazine

"When my baby arrives, I realise that I’ve just discovered the secrets of the universe and at the same time, know absolutely nothing at all."

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"A practical and succinct guide to all the wonderful changes that take place in the first twelve months of life... and how mum should look after herself - an often-overlooked topic! Case studies and practical tips from other parents are reassuring and practical." ParentsInTouch - 5 star review


cover - The Terrible Twos"Down to earth, practical and common sense advice" NCT

"A practical and reassuring guide which will be invaluable to parents" ParentsInTouch
- 5 star review

The Terrible Twos

"She would scream the place down or start roaring for no reason and seemed really cross. This often happened in the shop where everyone would watch us..."

Order from your local bookshop or buy online at
 www.amazon.co.uk or www.needtoknowbooks.com

“Shanta is never nannying in her advice on how to deal with different issues and scenarios, acknowledging that in parenting there is never one right answer. Reading The Terrible Twos is never going to transform your two-year-old overnight, nor does it promise to, but it will certainly give you some fresh ideas…” By Rachael Newman-Sanders © NCT